WooCommerce Shipment Tracking: A Spy On Your Products

For many sellers, the process when products are made from raw materials to when they get to buyers is very important. In comparison with running a restaurant, it is just like the process which from food processing to customers’ kidneys. WooCommerce Shipment Tracking can help you identify where your products are. And it can easily answer whether they arrived at your customers’ “kidney” or not. Only by using this plugin, you will be able to ensure your commitment to delivery to you customers.

What is WooCommerce Shipment Tracking?

In terms of WooCommerce Shipment Tracking, the advantages of this feature are which I would like to mention. In particularly, you can consider it a very useful function of WooCommerce. First, we will come to a basic understanding. Then we will have some discussions on WooCommerce Shipment Tracking plugins. It is not difficult to understand the real meaning of WooCommerce Shipment Tracking. It is simply a plugin that plays a role of a high-technology spy. If your products are on delivery, you can easily find out their specific location.

What Are Reasons For Using WooCommerce Shipment Tracking?

What about other reasons for using this shipment tracking? There are several interesting things you can gain from using this shipment tracking function. Firstly, your customers will receive a better customer service. They have full right to observe the whole delivery process of the product. Secondly, you will never feel relaxed and satisfied until the packages arrive at the address. With this function, you fulfill your responsibility and respond to customers’ request as soon as possible. If there is something gone wrong, you have the advantage to handle the problem immediately. Thirdly, if disputes arise, you can decide whom to be blamed: you or the carrier.

WooCommerce Shipment Tracking As An Extension

Shipment Tracking By WooCommerce

WooCommerce have this extension updated in 09/05/2017. This version will fix some issue and remove some legacy code. It also updates legacy meta introduced in version 1.4.0. This extension is compatible with the latest version of WooCommerce. The most basic step is to add tracking information to shipment. Moreover, customization of meta reference and shipment providers is also available.


YITH WooCommerce Order Tracking

With the same function, YITH WooCommerce Order Tracking is a very useful and perfect plugin for your WooCommerce store. It provides users a rapid, safe and reliable delivery. The number of carriers it can track order is over 100. In addition, $63 is not unaffordable and you can purchase this premium version to get its full features.


WooCommerce Shipment Tracking By XAdapter

By using this shipment tracking extension, your customers benefit from various shipping services. Moreover, you can totally select shipping services providers. You can add or remove them from the admin settings. Basic version features are:
Choose to set single shipping service for tracking, prefilled with USPS
Choose Tracking ID
Check on Shipment Tracking Status.
However, the premium version provides you a number of interesting features such as:
Set up multiple shipment services
Set up custom shipment tracking message for customer
Real-time API tracking status for chosen services.


Final Thought

In summary, WooCommerce Shipment Tracking is a companion of your products until they reach their destination. It helps you be quickly aware of any problem and ready with some solutions. Besides, it raises your customer’s loyalty and credibility. Therefore, your revenue is likely to go up and there will be fewer failed deliveries.