WooCommerce Abandoned Cart Pro Plugin Introduction

Cart abandonment is one of the main reasons behind the poor performance of most e-commerce sites. If you are running an eCommerce website, abandoned shopping carts can be a main source of frustration. Customers who are seemingly so close to making a purchase, only to leave your store with the transaction uncompleted, can leave you wondering how to improve the shopping experience.  While you might don’t know your own store’s abandoned cart rate, this study puts the figure at 68% on average.

There are many reasons why the customer abandons their cart before checking out. How can you resolve this issue? Thankfully there is now a solution available in the form of the WooCommerce Abandoned Cart Pro plugin from Tyche Softwares. This plugin allows you to track and monitor abandoned cart rates for your site, but most importantly it provides a way to increase the chances of the customer coming back to your store to complete the transaction. Let’s take a look at the WooCommerce Abandoned Cart Pro plugin Review to know how it can help you!

WooCommerce Abandoned Cart Pro Overview

Abandoned Cart Pro works in the background, sending multiple email reminders to your customers about their abandoned orders. This plugin offers incentives to return and complete their checkout with discounts and coupons, thereby assisting in recovering lost sales. This plugin, therefore, allows you to recover sales with WooCommerce that might otherwise be lost to abandoned carts by both logged-in users as well as guests users.These all help in automating the process and eventually ensuring more sales.
WooCommerce Abandoned Cart Pro is available for $119 to $249, depending on how many sites will be using the plugin (1 site, 5, or unlimited).  If you’d like to check this out in action, there’s both an admin demo and frontend demo available for you to give it a go. License keys are valid for a period of 1 year at which point in time they can be renewed at a discounted rate. Having already discussed how a small improvement in abandonment rate can reap huge rewards, you can see how quickly this plugin is capable of paying for itself. Plus, keep in mind that although this plugin will require some setup and monitoring, for the most part, it will allow you to put your cart recovery on autopilot. Once setup, you’ll be able to focus on other aspects of your business.

What Can You Do with WooCommerce Abandoned Cart Pro Plugin?

  • Recover their abandoned carts in a single click
  • Automatically logs in registered customers
  • Tracks carts of guest users too
  • Identify the Abandoned Orders information, including the products that were abandoned
  • Real time” availability checking done at checkout page in case of multiple visitors trying to book the same service that has space only for 1
  • Create unlimited email templates to be sent at intervals that you set
  • Add custom variables like Customer Name, Product Information, Coupons, etc. in the email template
  • Embed Woocommerce coupons in the emails being sent to customers
  • Copy HTML from anywhere & create templates using the powerful Rich Text Editor
  • Track whether expired coupons are causing cart abandonment
  • You are notified by email when an order is recovered
  • Track abandoned orders value v/s recovered orders value
  • Track emails sent, emails opened, links clicked for each template/email
  • Automatically stops email notifications when a customer makes a purchase or uses the cart recovery link
  • WPML compatible email templates: the customers will receive abandoned cart email notifications in the language in which they abandoned the cart

WooCommerce Abandoned Cart Pro Plugin Installation & Set-up


Installation was exactly as you would expect it to be – simple and hassle-free. Once installed, Abandoned Cart Pro adds an easily located sub-menu under the WooCommerce dashboard.
Installing the Abandoned Cart Pro for WooCommerce plugin is easy, simply follow the steps:
Step 1: Activate the plugin and you will get 3 default ready-to-use email templates which can be used for sending abandoned cart email notifications to your customers.
Step 2: The templates are deactivated by default, and can be activated with a single click. All the 3 templates are editable.
Step 3: Start sending abandoned cart email notifications to your customers, once you activate the templates


Choosing Your Settings

Upon activating the plugin and heading to Abandoned Carts you’ll find a number of tabs to work from. The first provides a record of abandoned orders, the second is where you can set up your email templates, the third is the main settings section, the next tab is a record of the recovered orders, and the last two provide a record of the sent emails and a product report. The Product Report is the latest addition to this plugin, providing you with information about the products which were abandoned, including the total number of times the product was abandoned and recovered.

Abandoned Orders

Any time a customer visits your website and adds an item to their shopping cart, the timer begins ticking. If the customer does not complete their order within the specified time limit, it will be added to the abandoned orders list.

If emails are enabled for guest cart users, the timer will not begin until they actually visit your checkout page. Although not a perfect system, this goes a long way towards eliminating tire-kickers from your statistics. One can only assume that if a customer visits the checkout page, they were at least considering a purchase.

Email Templates

The email templates are the most important part of this system. From here you can create the emails that will be sent to your potential customers should they abandon their shopping carts. By default you’re provided with 3 templates; an initial, an interim and a final, all of which can be copied, edited or removed, while also showing you how many were sent and the percentage recovery from each individual one; another new feature that can prove to be very useful.

When creating or editing a template you first need to set the name and email address to use, after which you’ll add the subject and email body, followed by a few settings to activate the template, choose the time after the cart is abandoned to send the email, enter any coupon codes, as well as send a test email to check everything.

Main Settings

The main Settings tab is where you choose all the needed options for the abandoned carts, including actually enabling the system. You can set how many minutes should pass from when an item is added to the cart to the order not being placed before you consider a cart to be abandoned, as well as after how many days you’d like to delete the abandoned cart orders.

Recovered Orders

Once your customer completes a purchase with a previously abandoned cart, the order will be moved to the “Recovered Orders” list. This tab presents a filterable list showing the initial creation date as well, whether an email was sent and when the order was recovered.

Sent Emails

The “Sent Emails” tab logs a complete list of every email sent by the plugin that includes all pertinent details. One feature that would be a nice addition is the ability to export this list to an excel file and then delete the data. Over time, this list and the database will likely grow quite large. For email compliance purposes, I can see that it might be convenient to retain the data while keeping the database relatively clean.

Product Report

Wondering which products are most likely to result in abandoned or recoverable carts? Abandoned Cart Pro will keep track of that information for you. For products with a high abandonment rate, it might be worth making some changes to the product copy or pricing.

WooCommerce Abandoned Cart Pro Support

While the plugin was really easy to set up, there’s documentation available to help you get up and running if needed. I didn’t use this to configure the plugin, but did check it out for curiosity and liked the video quick start guide.

Each plugin purchase includes updates and support for one year, and support can be access via forums or email ticket. I didn’t need to access support for the plugin since it worked as expected, but the forum responses are active and questions are answered.

Final Thought

WooCommerce Abandoned Cart Pro is aimed at helping you recover lost sales automatically. There are a number of reasons a customer might abandon their shopping cart, such as if they decide to wait and look around for a better deal, or if the price is higher than they expected, or even having their credit card denied during checkout. If you have any questions about this plugin, please feel free to ask me at the comment section below!