QuestionsRemove sub-directories from URL by Apache mod_rewrite
asked 3 years ago
I'm managing an instance of Wordpress where the URLs are in the following format:
The blog author did an inconsistent job of adding categories to posts, so while some of them had legitimate categories in their URLS, at least half are "uncategorised". I can easily change Wordpress to render the URL without the category name (e.g.,, but I'd like to create a mod_rewrite rule to automatically redirect any requests for the previous format to the new, cleaner one. How can I use a mod_rewrite recipe to handle this, taking into account that I want to honor requests for the real WordPress directories that are in my webroot?
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tech Staff
answered 3 years ago
Something as simple as:
RewriteRule ^/[^/]+/([^/]+)/?$ /$2 [R]
Perhaps would do it? That simple redirects /foo/bar/ to /bar.

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