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Caleb Willaims
asked 3 weeks ago
Hello!   I was wondering if there's is a CSS code that would hide the author bio box at the end of every post on Mobile-only. I like how it looks on desktop for my site but it's much to long on mobile.
1 Answers
tech Staff
answered 3 weeks ago
You can add the following CSS code to your site to hide the Author Bio Box on mobile: 

@media (max-width: 557.98px) {
     .author-info {
         display: none;
Caleb Willaims
replied 3 weeks ago

I tried adding that into Additional CSS but it didn’t work.

replied 3 weeks ago

Could you send me the site URL for further checking? I have tested it on our demo site and it was working well.

Caleb Willaims
replied 3 weeks ago

Nevermind! I figured out what was the issue.

I was trying to label the Additional CSS

// label_text_here

But that screws up the coding

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