Overview about WooCommerce Bulk Discount

Hi, Beginner! I am going to introduce to you one of extension plugin for WooCommerce. An extraordinary approach to building the deals in your internet business store particularly amid the bubbly season to give rebates. Online customers cherish getting extraordinary offers and shopping rebates and these urge them to continue purchasing from you. We’ve made a rundown of WooCommerce Bulk Discount that will enable you to make rebates in your WooCommerce store.

What Is WooCommerce Bulk Discount?

WooCommerce Bulk Discount is an extension for WooCommerce. Additionally, this extension allows you to give your buyer discounts when purchasing items. With this plugin, you can also deduct a specific monetary value from the total based on the order quantities. For example, your customer buys 4 items and gets 1 free or gets $15 off total sum.

Main Features Of WooCommerce Bulk Discount

  • Seamless integration into WooCommerce via its hooks
  • You get new tab in Product Data block named “Simple bulk discounts”
  • Supports percentage or fixed discounts
  • Define discount for quantity – example: get 30% or $10 off when you purchase 3 items – can be set for total sum or for each item
  • Define discount for user role – example: registered users get 30% or $10 off – can be set for total or for each item
  • You can combine discount rules for both quantity or user roles
  • Flat discount for total (useful only for fixed discounts)
  • Ability to treat product variations separately
  • Unlimited set of bulk discount rules
  • Custom text can be shown for products that have enabled bulk discounts with explanations
  • You can use shortcode [wcsbd_user_role role=” role”] to show bulk discount text for certain user role that has enabled bulk discount
  • Enable/disable bulk discount with single checkbox
  • Works with custom product types

Advantage When Using WooCommerce Bulk Discount

  • Makes WooCommerce Bulk Discount possible to offer bulk discounts on specific products on your WooCommerce site.
  • Discounts can be applied to products both individually and globally.
  • You can set discounts by percentage, flat rates off, or fixed discounts
  • In the bulk discount section of this private product set the discount as in the case of any individual product. This discount configuration will override all individual discounts set on products
  • The plugin supports localization files. You can add support for your language as well by the standard process.

How To Install?

Step 1: Download the latest version and extract it in the /wp-content/plugins/ directory

Step 2: Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress

Once the plugin is activated, you can use it as follows:

Firstly,  Navigate to WooCommerce settings. Under the Bulk Discount tab, find the global configuration for bulk discounts. Make sure “Bulk Discount enabled” is checked and optionally. Next, you fill information about discounts which will be visible on the cart page. Furthermore, with markup in the text – you can, for instance, include a link to your page with your discount policy. Additionally, save the settings, If you want to set the discount individually per product then navigate to Products and choose a product for which you want to create a discount policy. Finally, Click “Add discount line” button to create a policy. Quantity (min.) means a minimal number of ordered items so that the (second text box) Discount applies. It is possible to add up to five discount lines to fine-tune the discount set.

Final Thought

To sum up, I have introduced to you WooCommerce Bulk Discount, I have a chance to use it one time. And, I think it is a very useful plugin for your business with many benefits it brings to us. So, I hope my article can help you have a detail thought about this plugin. Moreover, If you have any problem when using this plugin, you are free to post your comment.