How to Add Video to WooCommerce Product Page

WooCommerce clearlyprovides a lot of benefits and of course, it’s also flexible for simple storefronts out of the box, but to make your site stand out, you have to dig a little deeper. Have you ever heard about video in WooCommerce Product Page? Bet that you already heard this name, but the key is how much you know about it, how it works and how to add it to your WooCommerce site. In this articles tutorial, I’ll show you how to add a videos tab to the product. Let’s take a look.

Why You Should Put Videos on WooCommerce Product Page

If you want your products to come to customer engagement quickly and easily, a video is worth a thousand photos. Not only do videos provide a better sense of product features and functionality, they can also help you tell a story about your product on your own style, from that, helping to create emotional connections that resonate with your shoppers.

Videos are a great tool for sharing your company culture, your company image, promoting an upcoming contest or product release, or raising awareness for a cause you sponsor. And of course, you can approach your customers to understand what they want and which one they want to purchase.

You can create product videos that serve various marketing purposes, for example:

  • Create lifestyle videos that showcase a product in action such as a model wearing an outfit you sell, a user using your phone that you sell, a cyclist using your gear on the open road or a chef creating a gourmet dish with your cooking products.
  • Instructional videos that provide information for your customers about how to set up or use a complicated item.
  • Product reviews and testimonials hosted on YouTube
  • 360° views of your product in video form, rather than using alternate images

Another benefit of adding YouTube videos to your product pages is the SEO value from the additional detail text. Most search engines display a few lines of text about each web page when returning search results, people call it is rich snippets. These pieces of information will help users recognize how relevant a page is to their search.

How to Add Video for WooCommerce Product Add-Ons

There are two ways to add video for WooCommerce Product Add-Ons. One is using the code and the other is using the plugin. Using the code’s not good and take you more time to do, besides nobody can remember exactly the code, especially the beginner. So that’s why this article only tell you how to add video using the plugin.

Step 1: Finding the plugin that you want. There are more plugins to add video for WooCommerce Product Add-Ons but you only need one. You can choose one of five plugins below to install for your WooCommerce site (maybe in the next article I will tell you more about these plugins):

Step 2: Finding videos you want on Youtube or to upload to Youtube. You should find video relevant to your products, it may exist in other channels besides Youtube or you can make a video on your own and after that upload it to Youtube.

Step 3: You can add videos to a product page by editing that product in the Admin Area.

To add a video to a product, you should do steps be steps below:

  • Click on Product tab and scroll down to Video section on the product editing page and click on.
  • Scroll down and you can see Attached video, after that click on Add below Attached video section.
  • There is 3 section you need to fill. First is Name, fill the name of the video you want to add your products. Then fill the title for a video field. And finally is embedded code or uploaded video.

If you choose embedded code, you have to click and fill embedded code. You should back to the video on you Youtube or other channels. You can see Share, click on that and continue to click on Embed, then copy the embedded code.

If you choose uploaded video, you click on that and upload your video from your computer or your channel.

  • Click Add > Scroll up and click on Update to save your product.

Step 4: Scroll to the top of the page and click on View Product to see how video works and see how the video will appear on the storefront. The YouTube videos you uploaded to your product page will appear beside the Description tab.

Note that the Video section only appears for existing products and if you’re creating a brand new product, you’ll need to Save it before you can see this section.

Summing Up

Using videos to WooCommerce product page is the best way to give your customers more information in a dynamic visual representation of your products and your company. This can increase the time customers spend on your site, exploring, learning, and shopping. So why don’t do that? Right?