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Exploring the New Features of WordPress 6.3: A Comprehensive Guide

Introduction: WordPress, one of the most popular content management systems, has released its latest version, WordPress 6.3. Packed with exciting new features and improvements, this update aims to enhance the user experience and provide advanced functionalities to WordPress users. In this article, we will explore some of the key features introduced in WordPress 6.3 and […]

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How to Add Video to WooCommerce Product Page

WooCommerce clearlyprovides a lot of benefits and of course, it’s also flexible for simple storefronts out of the box, but to make your site stand out, you have to dig a little deeper. Have you ever heard about video in WooCommerce Product Page? Bet that you already heard this name, but the key is how much […]

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WooCommerce Abandoned Cart Pro Plugin Introduction

Cart abandonment is one of the main reasons behind the poor performance of most e-commerce sites. If you are running an eCommerce website, abandoned shopping carts can be a main source of frustration. Customers who are seemingly so close to making a purchase, only to leave your store with the transaction uncompleted, can leave you […]

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Overview about WooCommerce Bulk Discount

Hi, Beginner! I am going to introduce to you one of extension plugin for WooCommerce. An extraordinary approach to building the deals in your internet business store particularly amid the bubbly season to give rebates. Online customers cherish getting extraordinary offers and shopping rebates and these urge them to continue purchasing from you. We’ve made a rundown of WooCommerce Bulk Discount that will enable you to make rebates in your WooCommerce store.

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Top 10 Useful Plugins WooCommerce Events

WooCommerce is a wonderful plugin to bring your store online. There are plenty of Woo extensions that let you do more on your site. And, WooCommerce Events plugin is a thing helping you manage, book, and sell events. So in this article, I will show you top 10 bestseller plugins useful for your business.

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Best Ways to Change WordPress WooCommerce Logo

WordPress usually defaults to its own logo in the administration page, registration page, or login page. It’s good for WooCommerce display, but sometimes you have to replace it with a private logo for branding purposes. It’s absolutely not hard to change the logo in WordPress, you only need a few seconds to cover your page with your own image. This article will show you 2 ways to change the WooCommerce logo easily.

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WooCommerce Shipment Tracking: A Spy On Your Products

For many sellers, the process when products are made from raw materials to when they get to buyers is very important. In comparison with running a restaurant, it is just like the process which from food processing to customers’ kidneys. WooCommerce Shipment Tracking can help you identify where your products are. And it can easily answer whether they arrived at your customers’ “kidney” or not. Only by using this plugin, you will be able to ensure your commitment to delivery to you customers.